Wednesday, 31 August 2016

CZ16 - The Last Day (PD)

The last day. Breakfast where we had plenty plus bags to make a packed lunch. And plenty of coffee.
We were off in a slightly roundabout route back to the A3. I had to stop in one village as I had forgotten to put my glasses on.

From here it is difficult to remember the order of things. Ride. Petrol. Snack and repeat.

A little detour around a roundabout on the border with Belgium and France. It means that the eagle eyed men in black could spot terrorists... Yeah.

Some 411 miles later we arrived to the usual up-cock at Eurotunnel.  Long delays as the French cheked us OUT of their country and almost as long as we got back through British passport control.
Off to the train and on the quay when they decided we weren't going after all as a police car needed the carriage to itself.

It was impossible to go back and so we watched, four bikes and nine cars, as the next train loaded and buggered off. Shambles.

In the end we setoff almost an hour late. No apology for buggering about.

Instead of being home just after 1815 UK time it was nearer 1915.

It was over. After all that riding I needed a sit down!

So that was it for another two years.
2012 Le Mans 
2014 British MotoGP
2016 Czech
2018 ????

The total mileage for me on Trip 2 turned out to 1767.3 miles. Over the course of the week the miles per gallon ranged from 44.09 to a high of 54.52. The highest was on the section through Germany to Zolder in Belgium.

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  1. Aragon or Misano. Quite fancy the Adriatic coast myself and no further than going to Brno.